In the previous post we explored some of the activities you can enjoy while visiting Tenerife, like Adrenaline Packed Safaris in Jet Skis, Buggies and Quad Bikes, Coach tours to El Teide and La Gomera, and boat trips where you can spot whales and dolphins in freedom. Now let’s explore some other categories you might be interested in:

Trekking & Adventure

Tenerife is well known for its contrasting environments. A huge volcano topped-up with snow, and warm beaches where tourists sunbath all year round coexist in the same place. And between these extreme points, you can find a wide variety of landscapes: Pine forests, semi-desserts, rocky slopes, and breathtaking cliffs. If you are a trekking person, you will love this excursion.

World class parks

Another hallmark in Tenerife is its world-class parks. Loro Parque, Siam Park, Aqualand and Jungle Park offer you incredible experiences for the whole family. Get a better price buying a Twin Ticket (Loro +  Siam) o Double Ticket (Jungle + Aqua).


The seas around Tenerife are home to hundreds of species of fish, dolphins and whales, endemic and migratory alike. Diving in these waters is an experience full of life and color. If you have never dived you can take the “try diving” excursion, that includes basic instruction previous to immersion. If you have a license to dive, you can go directly to “expert diver” and enjoy this amazing activity in Tenerife.


If you are a fishing person, you can’t miss this chance! Blue Fin and Big Eye Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Amberjack and Barracuda are some of the species you might catch around Tenerife. You can take someone else with you and pay a lower rate, so you can share a great day. Fishing in Tenerife is without a doubt worth a try.


The clean skies, the lack of strong luminous sources in the surroundings and the soft temperatures make the volcano el Teide in Tenerife one of the world’s best spots for stargazing. You can have a guided tour and enjoy a great night with your couple, family or friends.

As you can see, Tenerife is everything to everyone. No matter your preferences, chances are you will find something really interesting to do here. Just find the activities that suit you, and enjoy!

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At Compare Excursions we provide you with a wide variety of tours and excursions, very well organised in categories, where it’s easy for you to find the activities you feel like doing while here.

Adrenaline packed

If you are in the mood for an adrenaline rush, you might want to go for a ride on the powerful jet skis at Los Gigantes, or Las Americas! It’s amazing fun and you might also spot some dolphins on the go.

A Buggy or Quad Bike Safari might be suit for you too! These vehicles have one thing that makes them unique: direct contact with the elements of nature! Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the freshness of the breeze in your face, and yes, the dirt from the ground all over your body too! But guess what! That’s precisely why it is one of the most sought after activities here! It is amazing fun, especially for groups!

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Here’s your chance to go for it, and what a better place and moment than your holidays in Tenerife. Enjoy an incredible view of the most iconic places of the Island while gliding through the sky with total security. It’s an experience that will blow your mind, and make you feel more alive than ever!

Spot dolphins and whales in the sea

Unless you definitely can’t stand being on a boat without getting sea-sick, this is a “must” in Canarias that you will surely enjoy. We have different options that you might like to explore.

You might like the Freebird Catamarans, the “F-15“, and the “F-One“. Luxurious, comfortable and modern, they deliver a unforgettable experience at affordable prices.

There are some thematic ships like the Peter Pan and Shogun, that re-create the ambient and the spirit of pirate ships. These ones are specially popular among families with little children.

Now, if you are more about exclusivity and luxury, then the Opera is your choice. Beautiful, elegant and smaller (with less people in it), you will love the experience aboard.

In all of the above mentioned ships there is a guarantee: if you don’t see any whales or dolphins during your sail you can request a money refund. All of them include food and drinks in the fare, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Coach Tours

Visit some of the most representative places of Tenerife. Stop and take pictures in the most beautiful landscapes. Walk through centuries of history, and taste the flavors of the Canary gastronomy.

You can choose between three different options. Teide – Icod – Garachico – Masca, is a full day Coach Tour that will take you through historic places like the “thousands-years-old” Draco, the wine area of Icod, the mythic volcano El Teide and the wonderful landscapes of Masca among others.

You might also want to visit La Gomera, an island small in size but great in places to visit and full of history and mystery. This is our other full day Coach Tour.

Finally, if you only want to spend half a day in your Coach Tour, you should take our “volcano El Teide” tour. Visit Vilaflor and then go to the Teide National Park. In this tour you will have plenty of  time to try going up the top of the volcano in the cable car (it is not included).

Isn’t it a wonderful place to visit? If you would like to discover more interesting places and activities in Tenerife, please read the part 2 of this post here.